A Passion
for Education

Our aim is to encourage individuals to discover and expand their own identity, to focus on their own dreams, passions and potential, and to mature into perso­nalities who actively shape the future. We support the develop­ment of children, young people and adults with tailor-made, customisable solutions –

from kindergarten, through elementary and secondary school, to upper secondary school and vocational training.

Dare to do what you dream.
  • Foundation

    Since then passionate about education with people at the center

  • Employees

    Unleash the full potential of children and young people every day

  • Locations

    In Switzerland and Germany – with a total of 18 programmes for everyone aged 3 to 20

  • Care

    Learning guides teach small groups of an average size of 17 children / adolescents

  • Recommendation

    9 out of 10 parents surveyed would recommend us to their friends (IQES Surveys 2019-21)

  • Awards

    "ICT Training Company of the Year", "Switzerland's Most Advanced Day School", ...

Actions Start
with Courage

... and end in happiness. We believe in success, not in failure. This requires confidence in one’s own ability as well as trust in others. These two things can be difficult to combine, as students have to go through many experiences themselves, but a positive approach is beneficial both for the development of SBW and the student’s own personality. We develop sustainable learning processes for the future that demand and promote responsibility and action in equal measure. This basic approach creates something new and quite unique. Courage makes us happy. In our opinion, the importance of this educational concern is too often underestimated in today's world.

Highly Flexible

Thanks to location- and time-independent education, young people at the SBW EuregioGymnasium have been achieving the Swiss Matura with a 99% success rate since 1998.

SBW EuregioGymnasium


With Future Skills™, SBW has a specially developed concept for tomorrow’s education, today.



Our young people have won over 250 national titles, top places in European and World Championships and Olympic gold medals.

Talent-Campus Bodensee


SBW Neue Medien, our mediamatics training company, won the award for «ICT Training Company of the Year».

SBW Neue Medien


Our young people live out their passion for dance with star choreographer Royston Maldoom at the Appenzell Bach Days.

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Close to Life

«One of the most progressive schools in Switzerland»: This is how the magazine «GEO Wissen» (issue 44) describes SBW Primaria St.Gallen.

SBW Primaria

Dare to do
what You Dream

All of our students and staff are unique, so the many incomparable stories of personal development and career paths are the highest priority. We believe that everyone at SBW should have their own goals and be able to achieve them, turning their dreams into reality, whilst at the same time contributing to the development of SBW. All this could be yours, too, if you so wish. Here is a selection of some of the remarkable people whose development we have been involved in supporting. You can find more by clicking on Alumni [german]

Anna Stern

Winner of the Swiss Book Prize 2020 and PhD student (ETH)

What is your dream?

Kevin Fiala

Professional ice hockey player in the NHL and the Swiss national team

What is your dream?

Yasmin Giger

Winner of numerous international medals at major junior events

What is your dream?

Fabia Löw

Founded the company Löw Delights together with her sister

What is your dream?

Jonas Hasler

Switzerland’s great hope for snowboarding (current learning partner)

What is your dream?

Timo Meier

Professional ice hockey player in the NHL and the Swiss national team

What is your dream?

Marcel Hug

Olympic Gold medallist and winner of the Laureus Award

What is your dream?

Jonathan Grahm

CCO at Zippsafe AG

What is your dream?


We consider ourselves lucky to have strong partnerships and accreditations, at different levels, from local to international, and in diverse fields. Together with our expertise in tailor-made education, this creates a unique selection for young people who want to grow beyond themselves in their education and talents. Here is a list of a few of our partners and accreditations from which our education programmes benefit:



Cantons, communities, cities

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Inter-/national partners

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Educational Labels

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Educational partners

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since 1980

SBW Haus des Lernens AG is one of the leading private education groups in Switzerland. Since 1980 we have offered innovative and unique education, from primary level through secondary level to vocational training and Matura. «ICT Training Company of the Year» or «Switzerland's most progressive day school» (GEO Magazine) are two awards that describe our broad selection of education programmes. Children and young people benefit from education tailored to their needs – with enough scope to pursue their personal passions. In our syllabus in Switzerland and Germany, the motto for children and young people is: «Dare to do what you dream!»


Foundation SBW Haus des Lernens AG


SBW Primaria


Foundations SBW EuregioGymnasium & SBW Neue Medien


Foundation of the National Elite Sports School Thurgau (NET)


Foundation International School Kreuzlingen Konstanz


Foundation of International School Neustadt (D)


Foundation of the cantonal bridge offer Romanshorn as a performance mandate


Foundation of International School Ruhr (D)


Performance agreement for the management of the upper school in Häggenschwil




Foundation Jules Verne Campus Munich (D)


Foundations of Talent-Campus Bodensee & International School Westpfalz (D)


Foundations of Talent-Campus St.Gallen & Talent-Campus Winterthur


SBW Services AG


Foundation of Talent-Campus Zürichsee