your Potential

With everything we do, we want to generate impact and resonance at the individual and societal levels. We aim to provide children, young people and adults with the time, space, challenges and mindset to enable them to grow beyond themselves.

Wishes and dreams should be taken seriously as harbingers of special abilities, while interests, potential and talent should be developed and encouraged.

We see ourselves as intermediaries between individual needs and societal requirements.

Future Skills

The SBW-specific response to the question of what competencies will be required in the future is set out in six Future Skills that go beyond the curriculum and focus on the development and strengthening of an individual’s personality: Passion, Resilience, Global Identity, Sustainability, Acting Outside the Box, and Entre­preneurship. The sequence of the SBW Future Skills is based on neuro­biological criteria rather than pedagogic criteria: the focus is not on “knowing” (the cortex), but on “wanting” (the limbic system).


Discovering and kindling one's own curiosity and enthusiasm and pursuing personal goals.

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Strengthening the inner immune system of the soul and developing a creative way of dealing with change.

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Global Identity

Gradually expanding one's own identity, seeing oneself as part of society and taking on responsibility.

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Refining the awareness of biological, technical and social cycles.

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Acting outside
the box

Questioning patterns of thought and behaviour, and finding/devising and trying out unusual solutions to problems.

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Encouraging thinking and acting in an entrepreneurial manner, and developing and implementing one’s own ideas and projects.

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SBW Fractal:
7 elements

Fractals are a particular natural phenomenon that are found in all forms of life. When you look deeper into the structure of ferns, crystals or snowflakes, for example, you can see that certain basic patterns repeat them-selves: they all consist of miniaturised copies of themselves. Our seven fractal elements illustrate how we support and encourage the development of children, young people and adults, how we structure ourselves as an organisation, and how we harmonise simplicity and complexity. The principles of a fractal are a) simplicity of the basic pattern and self-similarity, b) self-organisation and goal orientation, and c) self-optimisation and drive. At SBW, we align our organisation and our work with these principles.

Respectful Interaction

Respectful treatment includes respect for oneself, for other people and the environment, for other cultures and generations.

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Autonomous learning encourages an individual to assume responsibility for their own learning and actions.

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Designed Environments

An effective way of stimulating an individual’s development is to design the environment in which they live and learn.

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Believing in Success

«Believing in success» strengthens an individual’s competence to reach and expand the limits of their strength and ability by taking action with confidence.

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Solution-oriented coaching focuses on an individual’s desires, objectives and resources.

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Our definition of compacting is streamlining the basic curriculum to take account of individual needs and goals.

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Connecting and networking with others increases our ability to make real-world connections.

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Diversity & Empathy

The SBW model is rooted in a foundation of core values and attitudes that are just as important as the compe­tencies (curriculum, Future Skills). In addition to the fractal elements, values such as empathy, diversity and a focus on strengths are promoted among children, young people and adults and are also taken into account when selecting new employees.


It is not only in nature that diversity is the most important working principle.

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Empathising with others lays the foundation for successful collaborative work.

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Focus on strengths

People need someone who believes in their strengths.

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